Free Consultation:

  • Showroom Visit:  1 to 1 ½ hour consultation with our Design Team, who will work with you through-out the process
  • Information Gathering:  thought and idea gathering for how you would like your new kitchen to look, feel, and function.  Review any photos that you may have to show what you like.
  • Review of existing kitchen:  photos, measurements and any drawings, what works, what does not, what is missing or needed
  • Replace, Renovate or in between:  we will discuss the pluses and minuses of each option and see what best matches what you are trying to achieve
  • Cabinet Lines:   we will go over the three lines that we offer and agree on which is the best fit for your project.  We will then narrow in on style and color.
  • Countertops:  we offer marble, granite, quartz and engineered quartz. We will go over the benefits of each and determine the material, color, backsplash, sink, edges and corners.
  • Budget/Time line:  for project

Design Fee: We charge a fee between $250 and $1500 to proceed with the next steps. No design fee when working with a contractor. 


  • Home Visit: our design team will come to your home and make all necessary measurements to design your project
  • Inspect:  we will inspect the space to see if there are any restrictions to the design ideas based on the space
  • Plans:  we will measure, draw up floor plans, elevations and perspectives of your project
  • Meeting:  We will meet with you to go over the design and pricing of the project
  • Changes:  we will make up to 3 changes in the design
  • Working with your Contractor/Design Build Firm:  we will communicate with your contractor about your project and provide all drawings as well as installation instructions
  • All Plans, Drawings, and Elevations:  all designs and drawings are released to you


It all begins with a free consultation. After our initial consultation we will proceed to the next step, which will include a design fee. All design fees will go toward the purchase of your cabinetry. Once the design is approved, we will begin the contract phase. You will receive a full packet of information detailing everything that is included in your purchase. This information becomes part of the contract – it helps to have all details in one place for future reference. Once cabinets, countertops, and all accessories are ordered we will begin to prepare the installation instructions and go over all details with your contractor.